watch the video first:

then answer the assignment.

Imagine you are classmates with Nyle, he has delivered this speech in your class, and you now need to give him feedback. What would you say to him? Type your response to him in the space provided. In your answer, make sure you touch on the following points:

  1. What was his thesis? (Paraphrasing it is fine.)
  2. What are TWO strengths he exhibited during his speech? Provide specific examples of where you saw this. 
  3. What are TWO areas of improvement you can see? Provide specific examples of where you saw this. 
  4. Finally, though you would not necessarily say this in feedback to a classmate, what can you take away from his speech that will help you with your speeches? 

I realize this speech offers you an unexpected twist, so it might be interesting for you to consider how the speaker relies on tools other than his voice to make his point. Again, below are some ideas you could consider, but you may choose to focus on other areas:

Does he support his points well? Does he make the speech engaging? Did he consider his audience’s needs well?  Was it always clear what he was saying/where he was going with his points? How did he use his body to make his point (think beyond just using ASL)?

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