It would be hard to disagree with the way in which one scholar assessed the impo

It would be hard to disagree with the way in which one scholar assessed the importance of the media: The media have the potential to dramatically impact the way that most people view world events. Since we do not witness most events live and in person, we rely upon the media to show us a picture of the world that would otherwise be impossible.
Think of any political event that has been reported in the media (online, television, newspapers) within the last two weeks overseas which involved the United States in one way or another (no domestic events can be used for this assignment; rather, please focus on international events only).
1. Discuss the impact it has had upon people did it demonstrate how the power of the media influences the political agenda? 30 points
2. Compare and contrast how said event was discussed by the left- and right-wing media: what were the major differences in how the event was reported and analyzed?  Was the coverage more factual and intellectual or rather lowbrow and biased? 70 points
Please be sure to cite the sources you use for the assignment; otherwise a significant point deduction will be applied. Please be sure to use at least one left-wing and one right-wing source for the assignment. 
(A total of 300 words minimum).
Examples of left-wing media:
The New York Times
The Washington Post
Examples of right-wing media:
The Washington Times
Washington Examiner
Fox News
The Daily Caller

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