no work cited please Following the revolution political leaders in the United St

no work cited please
Following the revolution political leaders in the United States need to develop a new set of political institutions and and rules to govern the population.
Put yourself in their shoes. 
What government would you create?
Write down a few sentences or bullet points on how you would set up your government.  
In answering this question do not just write what actually occurred, but rather consider the ideas of the enlightenment and liberal political thought? 
How do you make sure that your government reflects these values of democracy — a government that can institute the general will of the people – but remains stable and can maintain the rule of law and avoid falling back on tyranny that they fought so hard to escape.
A few points to consider:  There are a number of types of government (which we discussed in class) and each can have some negative outcomes.
Monarchy  — negative outcome tyranny
Rule by a few (republic) — negative outcome oligarchy
Direct democracy negative outcome failure of consensus and anarchy
Theocracy  – negative outcome tyranny/religious persecution 
Other forms of government?   
No matter what you think should be the base form of government you need to consider how you would structure that government to avoid the negative outcomes.  Part of this answer maybe connected what to think about how to build trust in leadership or institutions which we talked about in Module 1?  How to make sure that the government upholds the social contract and how to assure that they do not use force for illegitimate means. 

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