Organizations and communities thatattain the Triple Aim will have healthier popu

Organizations and communities thatattain the Triple Aim will have healthier populations, in part because of newdesigns that better identify problems and solutions further upstream andoutside of acute health care. Patients can expect less complex and much morecoordinated care and the burden of illness will decrease. Importantly,stabilizing or reducing the per capita cost of care for populations will givebusinesses the opportunity to be more competitive, lessen the pressure onpublicly funded health care budgets, and provide communities with moreflexibility to invest in activities, such as schools and the lived environment,that increase the vitality and economic wellbeing of their inhabitants.
Institutefor Healthcare Improvement (2016b)
You will explain why you think theTriple Aim program is successful and, based on the initiatives, recommend twostrategies you would take to improve implementation of health care qualityinitiatives within your organization or a health care organization in which youare familiar.
To prepare:
Review the IHI White Paper in thisweeks Learning Resources titled A Guide to Measuring the Triple Aim:Population Health Experience of Care, and Per Capita Cost.
Explain why you think the Triple Aimprograms have been successful. Based on the success of the Triple Aiminitiatives, recommend two strategies you would take to improve implementationof health care quality initiatives within your organization (or an organizationyou are familiar with). Describe challenges/opportunities you may encounter indoing so.

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