Our text explains Advocacy groups are groups of concerned citizens who band toge

Our text explains Advocacy groups are groups of concerned citizens who band together to try to influence the business practices of specific industries, businesses, or professions. With this definition in mind, after reading Chapter 3 and watching the video lecture, discuss your viewpoint on an advocacy group that attempts to influence the organization where you work; or, discuss your thoughts (pro or con) on one advocacy group you have investigated.
My viewpoint on an advocacy group is that it’s a collection of people who have similar taste in certain political, economical, even social interests.  In my opinion, I believe advocacy groups are influential and can be very useful. For example, any male who is concerned with bettering himself, promoting men’s rights, and growing as a man from top to bottom can join a men’s advocacy group.  It is open to men’s rights activists and guys who are interested in overcoming their male troubles and adjusting their masculinity. Advocacy groups are defined as a method of motivating and assisting others in communicating their values, viewpoints, and reflections. In comparison to males, women have a lot greater supportive relationships by which they may express their passions, thoughts, and viewpoints. This might be due to the fact that males are supposed to be the leader of families and are said to as the more grounded sex, whereas women seem to be the most vulnerable sex. A male’s advocacy organization provides a forum for men to express their concerns, viewpoints, and issues. A guy will be able to sort out what they are experiencing in such a support group without fear of embarrassment or shame because they will be around like-minded people.
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As mentioned in the textbook, advocacy groups are a collective of concerned citizens attempting to influence the business practices of specific industries or companies (Williams, 2022).  In other words, a group of people that are trying to look for the welfare of others. One example of an advocacy group would be Nature Conservancy. After some research, I found out that Apple centers around three principal regions – diminishing its effect on environmental change, safeguarding valuable assets, and involving more secure materials in items and cycles (Matthews, 2021). I think that is a great way to make other companies start changing for the best of our environment and in terms of customer care because they are trying to prove the good product and environment safe products. Also, after Apple laid out those objectives, the company has made several wind and sunlight-based homesteads to drive their server farms, retail locations, and corporate workplaces. Finally, Apple is endeavoring to safeguard materials by expanding creation proficiency, utilizing inexhaustible assets, and planning enduring items (Matthews, 2021). By Nature Conservancy raising awareness of companies like Apple sustainability, people will make good choices for the safety of the environment.
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