Paper: (1 x 200= 200) Description:  Every student in Phil. class is required to

Paper: (1 x 200= 200) Description:  Every student in Phil. class is required to write a philosophy paper, minimum 1000 word count. The title page must include your total word count for your entire paper. This includes the entire content of your paper, from title page to cited source page.  It is to be double spaced, 12 font Times New Roman, MLA format, minimum two sources. The book and the notes can be used as sources, also academic journals, websites etc. Title page and works cited page required.
IMPORTANT!   Mode of Submission: CANVAS-Assignment; This paper must be submitted online; to be posted in the assigned Canvas Module. It will automatically submit your work to Turnitin. You will be able to see the similarity report.  You may revise and resubmit your work as many times as you wish before the due date. If you plagiarize you will receive a zero for the assignment grade. All quoted and gleaned material must be encased in quotation marks or if over 4 sentences must be indented.  Your quoted material must also be referenced to your citation page. Otherwise it will be considered plagiarized material.  DO NOT make this mistake. No late papers accepted. Do not wait until the last minute to upload your assignment.  I will grade only your last successful submission. 
For your personal information I have added the Turnitin resubmit times: The first similarity report is usually ready within minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours for Turnitin to generate. For initial submissions, there is no issue until 24 hours after submission. For your first three resubmissions, while reports should be generated immediately, they could take up to 24 hours to generate. For the fourth resubmission onward, there is a mandatory 24-hour wait until a report is generated.
Again, do not wait until the last minute.  If you have glitches, or computer problems, or problems uploading at the last minute, I will grade only your last successful submission.  No late papers accepted. There will be lock-out date for submission and failure to submit in the due date will incur a zero for the grade.
Paper Assignment:  First, Analyze and evaluate Descartes’ two proofs of God’s existence. How are they different? Is one more convincing than the other? And secondly: How does Descartes explain how we humans make mistakes (errors)? Do not just state that a perfect creator made imperfect humans, this is NOT his answer. Descartes has several ideas on why we make mistakes and how we go wrong. Are Descartes’ arguments convincing to you? Why or why not?

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