Part 1 (minimum of 250 words): Select an ecosystem (lake, forest, coral reef, pr

Part 1 (minimum of 250 words): Select an ecosystem (lake, forest, coral reef, prairie, or desert) and describe its primary characteristics. Include within your discussion brief information on climate, water availability, terrain, soil composition, and inhabitants. In addition, discuss the role of the carbon cycle within your selected ecosystem.
Part 2: Make a table containing three of your activities in a day that have an impact on the carbon cycle. In addition, list at least three industrial activities that impact the carbon cycle. List whether each activity results in an increase or a decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide.
Increase Carbon Dioxide
Decrease Carbon Dioxide
Daily Individual Impact
Industrial Impact
Part 3 (minimum of 250 words): Discuss how society impacts the phosphorus and nitrogen cycle. How do our actions positively or negatively impact the cycle? What are the consequences of human intrusion in these cycles? In addition, provide at least two examples of activities (naturally occurring or not) that impact the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles.

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