Please select one role below. You are a U.S. Army officer serving under General

Please select one role below.
You are a U.S. Army officer serving under General George Patton in Italy.
You are a U.S. Marine Corps officer serving under General Douglas MacArthur in New Guinea.
You have been employed overseas (either in the North African/European theater campaign or the Pacific theater campaign) since the war began. As you wait for orders from your commanding general, you take a moment to write your parents about your experiences and what you and your colleagues (Army or Marines) have done since the war began. In your letter, you must:
accurately date your letter,
identify how you and your comrades have been utilized across Europe or Asia during the early years of the war,
discuss what you believe the battle strategy of the War Department is for your theater of operations (European or the Pacific),
discuss any new technologies or innovations used by the military in the European or Pacific theater up to your present circumstances,
reflect on the impact that these new innovations and technologies had on you and your comrades, and
offer your perspective on the war and how it has gone so far.
Ensure that your assignment follows the instructions below.
This is a letter, so write in first person narrative (e.g., I, me, we, us).
Complete this in a Microsoft Word document.
Use 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-space for at least two pages in length.
Although sources and citations are not required for this assignment, if you do quote or paraphrase, follow APA Style for any citations or source references.
Note: Do not use a reference date or historical event written after 1943; remember, it is only the fall of 1943.

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