Reflections should:  Be personal (reflections are subjective, there are no right

Reflections should: 
Be personal (reflections are subjective, there are no right or wrong answers).
Be written in a proper academic tone (make sure to proofread!). 
Be one to two double spaced pages long. 
Be double spaced and written in Times New Roman point 12 font.
Discuss only 1 topic (you should choose only 1 of the optional prompts or topics for your reflection). 
Reflections should not:
Discuss any type of research on the topic (resist the urge to google!). 
Pre-Class Reflection OPTIONAL questions:
Below are some questions about this week’s readings to get you started, but you may choose to discuss another topic that interests you and is related to the assigned readings/videos for this. Remember to discuss only 1 topic in your reflection. 
OPTIONAL PROMPT #1: What do you wish everyone knew about epigenetics? 
OPTIONAL PROMPT #2: What did you find the most surprising from the Social Life of Genes article? 
OPTIONAL PROMPT #3: Should parents be able to choose the sex of their baby? Under what conditions is sex selection acceptable? 
OPTIONAL PROMPT #4: After reading the “Lives in Context” box on page 45, what kinds of conditions do you think should be treated by gene therapy? Are there any conditions that should be off limits to gene therapy?

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