The discussion should be about a page long.  The discussion should answer the qu

The discussion should be about a page long.  The discussion should answer the question in language that takes a strong position and makes your answer to the question abundantly clear.  Avoid writing a response that offers only a general discussion of the topic.  Rather, write in such a way that makes clear you are trying to prove a point—to convince somebody of your perspective.
–Students will also respond to a classmates’ post.  Your response to a classmates’ post should be about a paragraph long.  The response should try to make a substantive point.  Be cordial in your response to a classmates’ post. 
–The discussion needs to reference at least one piece of historical evidence drawn from the list of required module readings/videos.  The evidence will  help explain your answer to the question.  You must cite evidence with parenthetical citations.
–No need for a works cited page.
–Failure to complete the requirements will result in lower scores.
This discussion is based on the resources associated with module 1 and 2. 
Imagine you were living in the late nineteenth century, would you rather have been an African American share-cropper in the Jim Crow South, or an immigrant worker in the urban, industrial North? Why?
Explain by referencing at least one piece of evidence.  This is important.  There must be a piece of historical substance (actual evidence and reasoning) behind your opinion. 

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