The discussion should be about a page long.  The discussion should answer the qu

The discussion should be about a page long.  The discussion should answer the question in language that takes a strong position and makes your answer to the question abundantly clear.  Avoid writing a response that offers only a general discussion of the topic.  Rather, write in such a way that makes clear you are trying to prove a point—to convince somebody of your perspective.
–Students will also respond to a classmates’ post.  Your response to a classmates’ post should be about a paragraph long and of substance.  Be cordial in your response to a classmates’ post. 
–Because this discussion is less formal than the essays and allows students to express their “opinions” without the accompanying “academic research,” students do not need to reference sources.  Still, the discussion should be informed by the readings associated with module 2 on American industrialization. 
Here is the question: 
Over the last 30 years or so a number of “Tech Giants” have emerged.  These individuals (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or more recently Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc.) have exercised great influence over the domestic and global economy, amassed remarkable fortunes, and in some instances have helped shaped government policy.  In the context of our learning relating to module 2, to what extent should contemporaries or future historians think of these “Tech Giants” as “Robber Barons” or “Titans of Industry.”  How should the public today think about the leaders of Silicon Valley—in a favorable or negative light, or somewhere in between? How do you think future historians will write about today’s “Tech Giants”?  Will they be compared to Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gould?  In a good way or a bad way? 

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