The Week 5 Discussion Board is designed to help you explore contemporary family

The Week 5 Discussion Board is designed to help you explore contemporary family issues in the news and make connections to the concepts and research findings discussed in the textbook.
at least 300 words total; no more than 350 total:
Find a news article
Choose a news article from a major newspaper, such as The New York Times or Washington Post, from the past 5 months (no earlier than August 15, 2021) that deals with one of the following topics: work-family challenges; pandemic effects on families; health, disability, and caregiving challenges; conflict and/or divorce; remarriage or blended families; military families; veterans and their families; effects of incarceration on families; or homelessness. I encourage you to browse different titles and news stories until you find an article that looks interesting to you and is relevant to the course.
You should choose a news or feature story that is at least 800 words. It should be long enough to provide you with relevant material to work with and write about.
Do not use celebrity news or specific crime/single-anecdote stories (if the story focuses entirely on one case or family, without much discussion of larger context or other families).
Do not use opinion-editorial articles.
Provide the full bibliographic reference, including the URL link, for your article at the top of your discussion post. 
Summarize the key points in the article and discuss how it relates to course and textbook material (be sure to include and cite specific examples from the textbook and/or other course materials).
Be sure to discuss whether and how the article addressed issues at each level of analysis: micro (e.g., personal, interpersonal), meso (e.g., institutional, community), and macro levels (e.g., economy, policy). Discuss any levels that were omitted or could have been better developed in the article.

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