This week you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation or a Google Slide prese

This week you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation or a Google Slide presentation. 
1. Identify an industry that competes internationally (ie, fast food, clothing, sportswear, automotive, etc). All your companies must be from ONE Industry (you cannot discuss Taco Bell and Nike in the same PowerPoint). 1 SLIDE
2. Discuss one advantage and one disadvantage to competing in International Markets. Minimum 1 Slide
3. Identify one company within your industry that faced a risk (political, economic, or cultural) when it entered a new market or tried to enter a new market. Was the organizations able to enter the new market? Why or why not? BE SPECIFIC! Make sure you are answering ALL the questions! – Minimum 2 Slides
4. Identify examples of companies within your industry using each of the three international strategies (multidomestic, global, transnational). ONE COMPANY PER STRATEGY! Be specific as to how each company is using the identified strategy. (You may NOT use companies given as examples in the text book) – Minimum 3 Slides
5. Using the companies identified in question #4; identify what option or options those companies are using for competing in international markets (exporting, wholly-owned subsidiary, franchising, licensing, joint venture, or strategic alliance). Be specific as to how the companies are using those options. – Minimum 3 Slides
6. Using the companies, strategies, and options identified in question #4 and #5; which company do you think is best positioned to compete in the international market and why?  BE SPECIFIC!  – Minimum 1 Slide
Your presentation should be at least 11 slides of content. You should also have a Title Slide and Reference Slide.
TOTAL = 13 Slides (min). 
Use the speaker notes to expand your thoughts and ideas; not everything has to be on the slide.
Use speaker notes on at least three slides. 
Minimum of ONE peer reviewed sources MUST be used (it cannot be the text book). You must have a minimum of one source for each company identified. 
Make sure your deck is consistent in design and font. 

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