Word requirements: 250 500 words Questions: Please address the following 5 topi

Word requirements: 250 500 words
Questions: Please address the following 5 topics in your Statement of Purpose letter 
Technical skillset: Starting or advancing your technical career starts with a personalassessment of your technical skill level. CIAT supports students at all levels (from beginnersin the field to working IT professionals advancing their careers), so be honest about yourstrengths and weaknesses, so that we can match you with the right program. ( I am a beginner in the IT world. I hope to have at least my CompTIA A+ certification by the time class starts. I also want to get the CompTIA certifications such as Network+, Security+, Linux+, Project+ & Cloud+ during my educational journey. My strengths are that I can adapt and I learn quickly. My weaknesses are that I need to be more disciplined at times and if I’m bored I tune stuff out. I’m excited about learning about cloud computing and I know everything isn’t going to be all exciting.)
Career plans: Tell us about your career goals. Are you planning to start a new career oradvance in the field or position you currently have? What skills, certifications, or experiencedo you need to reach this goal? If youre brand new to the tech field and dont know where tostart, thats what were here for. Be honest about what level of career planning support wouldhelp you be successful. ( I want to be a successful Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect. I think the one I really want to focus on is the Cloud Security Engineer because I think it is close to Cybersecurity without the extra stuff that goes along with it. I know ill need Cloud Security Certifications)
Overcoming challenges: Committing to your education path takes dedication andcommitment, but your time and energy investment will pay off. Tell us about a time whenyouve overcome a challenge (academic challenge, personal/family challenge, careerchallenges, etc.) and learned a valuable lesson. (just make up a time of overcoming a challenge)
Choosing CIAT: We approach education differently. We believe your education should becentered around building confidence in your technical skills and helping you graduate readyto tackle the workforce. How is your CIAT program going to help you achieve your personaland career goals? (write a nice paragraph on how a school can get you ready to have a career, not just a job, and how it will set you up for the rest of your life)
About You: What else would you like us to know about you? Who is part of your supportnetwork as you pursue your education? Feel free to share details about yourself, yourbackground, your family, your personal passion projects, or more. The more we know aboutyou as an individual, the more we can support you. ( I’m a disabled veteran. I’m bipolar write about the struggles of being bipolar. My mother and my friends are my support network going to school. I wasn’t ready to go to school before now I’m ready and motivated to go to school. My hobbies are watching youtube videos and football.)
I hope that’s enough for you to write a nice paper so I can get admitted to this computer certificate program.

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