Write a full essay for each of the questions below Explain the ways in which pro

Write a full essay for each of the questions below
Explain the ways in which propaganda can be good or bad. If propaganda has a social goal most people embrace, does that make the propaganda acceptable? Does it make its techniques acceptable?
Most successful propaganda depends on appeals to emotions, to feelings, and on the reader/viewer not realizing how she/he is being manipulated into accepting an argument that when seen clearly, is not valid. List and explain some ways in which a reader/viewer may learn to detect and respond to propaganda or attempts at persuasion.
How your work would be graded:
You need to make sure that you address all parts of the questions and that you dont summarize the story unless that is part of your analysis. This is a final exam and you need to write your answers in academic English. Check your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; additionally, make sure that your writing is coherent and logical and that your interpretation is well-developed and supported by evidence from the text. Refrain from adding too many personal details even when relevant and focus on the book. Try to make your writing fresh and avoid clichs and worn-out phrases. Write with passion and accuracy. If your answers show clear comprehension of the book and genuine engagement with the ideas and themes of the book, you will receive a higher grade. Absolutely no plagiarism. You will fail the class if you plagiarize or if you have someone else do your work. I may ask you to produce drafts of your work if I suspect cheating.

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