Prompt 1: Knowledge in Plato’s Meno vs. Aristotle <Start with a short intro

Prompt 1: Knowledge in Plato’s Meno vs. Aristotle <
Start with a short intro paragraph/couple of sentences that ends in a thesis statement highlighting what you will argue in parts C/D. <
A. Explain the paradox of learning from Plato’s Meno (making sure to clarify both sides of the paradox—to what problem does each side gives rise?), and show how the theory of learning as recollection proposed by Socrates resolves the paradox (that is, how this theory allows Socrates to conclude that we can arrive at knowledge). <
B. Explain Aristotle’s contrasting theory of how we arrive at knowledge (developed in Metaphysics I.1-2; optional to draw on Parts of Animals as well), and show how this theory responds to Meno’s paradox in a different way than Socrates’s. <
C. Develop the strongest objection you can think of to one of these theories of knowledge, giving detailed support for this objection. <
D. Is there a compelling response to the objection that a proponent of this theory might give to defend their theory? If so, explain that response. If not, explain how the other PHIL 1003 Intro: Human Nature Prof. Anne Siebels Peterson theory avoids the objection and whether you think it should be accepted or still rejected for other reasons. <
End with concise conclusion.

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