watch: Watch Leni Riefenstah

Watch Leni Riefenstahl’s “Olympia”, about the 1936 Olympic games (link above.) Important while watching: Pay particular attention to the first 25 minutes, the film’s treatment of Jesse Owens (from minute 58), and the last 3 minutes.
in the paper Include:
1-notes on the 9 qualities listed in the first Nichols reading (1-chronology, 2-type of shots, 3-role of speech (dialogue, commentary, written words, music, sound effects), 4-character development, 5-rhetorical technique, 6-political angle, 7-acknowledged presence of the director, 8-your asthetic and 9-emotional responses (ie, your own reaction.)
2-Write an analysis of the film’s perspective and ideology. How is this propaganda? How, or to what extent, does it make use of the techniques of propaganda discussed in the film we watched in class?
3.***Please include at least three specific scenes or moments from different parts of the film in your analysis.

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