6. Who was Sri Ramakrishna and what was his religious views in a nutshell? Be su

6. Who was Sri Ramakrishna and what was his religious views in a nutshell? Be sure to back up your answer with at least 4 passages from the required reading.
7. What is the concept of Maya in Hinduism? Do any other religions have similar ideas? If so, please elaborate. Be sure to give three examples of Maya.
8. What is the Chandian Effect? How can it help explain the modus operandi behind religious visions? Give some examples from Faqir Chand’s life and work about the illusory nature of visions.
9. Detail how John Lilly and Richard Feynman disagreed over how to interpret inner experiences, such as Out of Body experiences and NDE’s and drugs. Be sure to use quotes to back up your answer on their respective viewpoints.

10.What is the essential message of the Sikh’s Sri Japji Sahib? Be sure to cite five passages at least to back up your reply.
11. What is “devotional thickness”? How can such a concept help explain the power and value of religions worldwide?

12. What is Transcendental Sociology? Be sure to detail your answer and perhaps use an example to show how it works.

13. Why was Clarence Darrow an agnostic?
14. Why is agnosticism and atheism more widely accepted today than in decades past?

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