The department your major in is exploring innovative strategies to raise money f

The department your major in is exploring innovative strategies to raise money for your degree program. Although they are considering several possible methods at the moment, one of the front-running ideas is to create and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a type of digital asset stored on a blockchain. They want to know if creating and selling NFTs will be a smart, viable, and sustainable fundraising option. Also, perhaps more importantly, they want to know if this option will align with the university’s principles and academic ethos overall.
In an effort to get a fresh perspective on the matter as well as gauge community sentiment, the department is randomly selecting a group of students to weigh-in on the decision-making process. You are one of those students.
For this writing project, you must first research NFTs and inform yourself on the topic, current trends, use cases, blockchain mechanics, and/or any other associated elements. Then, consider the key stakeholders (your department, ASU, etc.) in this scenario and weigh any potential risks or implications that an NFT project may cause/pose. Based on your research and analysis, write a convincing rationale that proposes whether or not your department should create an NFT project to raise funds for your program.
Assume your audience has a basic knowledge of NFTs already. It is not necessary to explain what NFTs are to them.
Avoid using personal pronouns.
Introduce and develop a compelling thesis statement that takes a clear stance on the issue. The thesis statement must make a proposal argument.
Provide necessary context into the issue you have chosen and potentially what’s at stake.
Incorporates credible research, statistics, quotes, and/or evidence from at least six (6) secondary sources to enrich and support your argument.
Stay structured over a clear and logical sequence of claims and subclaims.
Offer a thoughtful conclusion that adequately summarizes the paper’s main ideas and key takeaways.
Include at least six (6) sources from credible secondary sources.
Correct MLA format, including correct in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

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