-Assignment- Management Analysis Paper Students will select a specific organiza

-Assignment- Management Analysis Paper
Students will select a specific organization, and report on the overall management and administrative function including philosophy, structure, programs, etc. (You may select your current organization, but a formal letter of permission should be acquired). Research should be gathered from available interviews (podcasts, etc), organizational publications, and/or other published material. The project is to be individually completed. Here are the guiding questions for your project. This is a policy analysis paper and not an employee analysis paper. Since no surveys or individual interviews are required, nor will be conducted with employees, the IRB process will not be necessary. However, if any human subjects are involved in the analysis of the program, then a proposal will be sent to the IRB at Saint Leo University for approval before any research is conducted using human subjects. If no actual human services organization is interested in participating in this project, the student can create a fictional organization and develop the materials for the project based upon best practices for management. Here is another guiding question for your project.
4. It has been said that the ultimate goal of management is to increase worker productivity while maintaining a high level of employee morale and job satisfaction. Is this goal of management being achieved in your selected organization? Analyze from a variety of organizational perspectives and draw verifiable conclusions. (Prepare 3-4 pages)
Update on Last paper mistakes Please dont make the same mistakes.

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