Blog: The Intersection of Social Determinants of Health on HIT and Patient Outco

Blog: The Intersection
of Social Determinants of Health on HIT and Patient Outcomes
Health literacy is defined by the World Health Organization
(WHO) as, “the cognitive and social skills which determine the motivation and
ability of individuals to gain access to, understand, and use information in
ways that promote and maintain good health” (n.d.). The American Medical
Association (AMA) defines health literacy as, “a constellation of skills,
including the ability to perform basic reading and numerical tasks required to
function in the health care environment” (Baker, 2006). These definitions
highlight the importance of health literacy for both healthcare workers and
it is the ability to fully analyze and interpret a researched study, or to
speak to patients in a way that gains their trust and develops their
understanding, health literacy directly relates to patient care.
understanding the importance of health literacy does not directly correlate to
effective health literacy, so how does health literacy impact patient outcomes?
What barriers or social determinants might impact health literacy?
this Discussion, reflect on your understanding of health literacy, health
information technology, and health economics. Consider the impact of each of
these topics and explore how they are related to patient care. You will also
recommend strategies to overcome potential barriers as they relate to the
Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
· Introduction: write a brief explanation on the
Intersection of Social Determinants of Health-on-Health Information Technology
and Patient Outcomes.
Explain how Health Literacy, Health Information
Technology (HIT) on Patient Outcomes, and Health Economics may be
integrated into and impact clinical practice for your healthcare
organization or nursing practice (My healthcare Organization is a
community health care clinic). Be specific and provide examples.
Describe your understanding of the concept of health
Why is it important to understand implications for the
lack of health literacy for nursing practice?
Discuss and evaluate how COVID-19 may have impacted
each of these topics for healthcare delivery and nursing practice. Be
Recommend at least two strategies you might implement
for overcoming challenges/barriers related to these topics in your
healthcare organization or nursing practice (Community health clinic).
Conclusion should be clear well elaborated and capture
the entire paper
D. W. (2006). The meaning and measure of health literacy. Journal of General
Internal Medicine, 21(8), 878–883. doi:10.1111/j.1525-1497.2006.00540.x
Health Organization. (n.d.). Health promotion.,promote%20and%20maintain%20good%20health

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