Diversity & Inequality in the Bureaucratic Context Building on our third major s

Diversity & Inequality in the Bureaucratic Context
Building on our third major section of the course, which theorizes the relationship between the individual and the organizational context and explores the nature of the social actor, and also highlights key social problems associated with diversity and inequality in the bureaucratic context…
You will develop a case study/term paper relevant to some of these issues focusing on an aspect of the organizational context of human interaction. In so doing, you will highlight a unique group or population of interest to you and explore issues, challenges (and potential solutions) they face in dealing with some facet of interaction with human service, criminal justice, health, educational, economic or other institutional sector.
The group you focus on could be distinguished by some combination of: age, race/ethnicity, social class, gender/sexuality, disability, religion, citizenship status, etc.
You may focus on one specific institutional context or view several in a holistic manner.
Your paper may focus more on highlighting problems and issues that require resolution, or you may highlight instances where unique organizations (or offices/functions within larger organizations) have emerged to serve the needs of the unique population.
Your paper may draw upon a mix of sources/references (ranging from journalistic to academic) which best enable you to provide background information and presentation of your case. You may also draw upon personal knowledge/experience and/or some interviews with key informants about your case. Please include a minimum of three outside references, listing each at the end of your paper in any acceptable format you chose (i.e. APA).
You paper should include the following elements (aim for roughly 1250 words in length).
Introduction to the case along with some background context
Exploration of some of the issues raised in section three of the course in terms of their relevance/application to your case
development and elaboration of your particular case beyond the issues raised in the course
conclusions regarding persistent problems that need addressing and/or discussion of how organizational solutions identified may be expanded

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