Our proposal is to put chick-fil-a in china. See below for the requirements. —

Our proposal is to put chick-fil-a in china. See below for the requirements.
Scope of the Project: You will take the role of a
consultant to a business and develop a detailed country report for your client. You will
choose a country (CHINA) and a potential client (Chick Fil A), and, research opportunities and challenges in that country.
Report Content: The report should include an industry analysis at a
country level, as well as how that industry fits into the global picture. You should
present an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) and
resources required, to enter the country (and other information that you think will
be helpful to your client). You may discuss issues such as timing of and method of
entry (assuming you find the country and industry attractive). The kinds of things that
your report should consider include, but are not limited to:
POLITICAL: What is the political climate in the country, especially where business and
government relations are concerned? Are there restrictions on what you may do, the
business form you may follow, etc.? What international agreements could impact your
industry, and how do they impact your final recommendation?
ECONOMIC: What is the economy of the country like? Include, but do not limit your
discussion to such factors as inflation, government finances, currency, interest rates,
GDP, basic demand for your product (now and in the future), etc. What implications do
these factors have for your firm and its business?
SOCIETAL: What are the societal forces at work in your country? This includes but is
not limited to, ethical, legal, demographic, environmental, forces, etc. You should
consider how these forces affect the industry in which you operate.
TECHNOLOGICAL: What are the forces of innovation, science, and technology at work
in the country? For example, is there a communications infrastructure? What are the
skills and educational levels of the workforce, etc.? What impact does this have upon
your business?
This should be a written report. The written analysis should
be 12 point font, Times New Roman, single spaced, have 1 inch margins all around, and
have 10 -12 pages of text. Additionally, you should include at least 5 references and other
materials (charts, graphs, etc.) that you deem appropriate.

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