First, view the Ted Talk by Juno Mac—The Law that Sex Workers Really Want. (The

First, view the Ted Talk by Juno Mac—The Law that Sex Workers Really Want. (The talk is just under 20 minutes in length.)
The Laws that Sex Workers Really Want
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In this Ted Talk, activist Juno Mac argues that “If you care about gender equality or poverty or migration or public health, then sex worker rights matter to you.” Mac argues her position on this topic by providing her audience with several models to solve the issue, focusing in on the model that she proposes is the most desirable, one that offers sex workers justice and equity within their field.
ASSIGNMENT: In a well-developed essay, EVALUATE her argument.
Do NOT use “I” or “you.”
This is a focused evaluation of Mac’s argument. You are NOT agreeing or disagreeing with her argument nor are you supporting her argument. You are evaluating the effectiveness of her argument through the way she constructs it and through your use of the strategies from Asking the Right Questions.
For example, you can address Mac’s use of language (is there any ambiguity?), address her value and descriptive assumptions, address any fallacies, look at the strength of the personal and other examples she uses, evaluate any studies that she brings in, etc. Choose only three or four strategies to evaluate—linking each strategy to the way it impacts Mac’s overall argument.
Bring in, sparingly, specific examples from Mac’s argument to support your evaluation.
As you construct your evaluation, keep the following in mind:
First, IDENTIFY her overall argument. What is her viewpoint about the way that sex workers should be treated?
State very explicitly in your own thesis whether she creates an effective argument.

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