For this paper you will be writing an argumentative essay. Topic is arguing how

For this paper you will be writing an argumentative essay.
Topic is arguing how every American citizen has a right to affordable housing, before investors or investment companies may make substanstial profit.
Thesis Statement – Earth and it’s people provide enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed. An essential necessity such as housing should be regulated in which the right for a man to sleep, eat, and raise a family should far outweigh one’s need for profit. By managing the real estate’s model of equity, housing would once again be a vessel of life as opposed to a vehicle for excessive monetary gain.
12 sentences per paragraph; 4 total paragraphs
Must have at least 4-5 in-text citations
5 sources used.
Must have a Strong Refutation Paragraph; In the refutation paragraph please make a clear and concise argument for the other side explaining why Real Estate investing is a benefit for the majority of Americans. (but be careful not to make the rebuttal sound better than the original argument.
Please consider using the Toulmin Method for this argumentative paper.
Please incorporate ethos, pathos, logos appeal styles.
Lastly, Please “go beyond” what is general understanding, and offer up a solution to the identified problem.
Problem being: Tycoons and investment companies buying up majority of real estate, fixing the prices high
Solution being: Congress making laws caping/limiting excessive profits in the real estate sector especially by foreign entitites,until after immediate affordable housing is found for all in the working class.

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