So, have you made up your mind as to whether language is innate, is learned beha

So, have you made up your mind as to whether language is innate, is learned behavior, or perhaps is somewhere in the middle? In this writing, you’ll argue your decision based on the research articles you’ve retrieved(see upload I have attached 3 articles), readings (I’ve attached 2 readings), and other resources. You will need to find additional resources to support your argument.
Part 1: Analysis
What stance are you taking? What research backs up your position? Provide compelling and accurate evidence to convince others. Like we looked for throughout the Pinker book (see upload for this Ebook), make sure there no holes or gaps in your argument. This section should be about 75% of your total writing.
This writing should consist of the following parts. The descriptions are guidelines: please do not present your information in bullets.
Introduction – identify your position; present your thesis; explain how you will attempt to prove your argument
Summary/Literature Review – briefly summarize and synthesize the resources you will be using; discuss any emergent patterns
Argument – majority of your project/presentation; may involve sub-arguments that help prove your overarching position
Conclusion – how did you prove your argument; how/why is it important; what does future research look like
Part 2: Reflection
I’d like for you to reflect on how your knowledge of the language has evolved throughout the readings. Use these as your guiding questions, but do not simply answer the questions. I want you to really think about your experience.
What concepts were reinforced that you already knew?
What was the most fascinating or surprising thing you learned?
How did your classmates’ insights and comments help shift your mindset? (see upload classmate 1 & 2 for this)
Are you convinced one way or the other, and if not, what else would you need? In other words, how can future research continue to address gaps in what’s known in this field?
What did you learn about language specifically through your chosen lens? What did you learn about your discipline through exploring language?
Format and Requirements
Essay format- However, please be aware that this writing must contain all the elements outlined above. I am not sure how many pages need to answer both parts in full.
You must have a minimum of eight (8) resources, five (5) of which should be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.
All citations should be in APA 7th edition.

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