Congratulations! You have just been chosen as the Bar Manager for one of the lar

Congratulations! You have just been chosen as the Bar Manager for one of the largest upscale, casual dining establishments in Anaheim, CA featuring American cuisine. The operation will be opening soon and you have been given the shared responsibility, along with your Director of Food and Beverage, for implementing the entire beverage management program.
To help you get started, your Director of Food and Beverage has asked you to provide a report that includes thorough responses to the following 9 topic areas. Use your knowledge, textbook,five other credible sources, legal considerations, and the internet to research and gather the information you need to set up an outstanding beverage program. If you have access to interview a professional in this area, he/she can be used as a source as well.
FORMAT: Make and relate observations based on class discussions, text material, and you’re own credible and cited research sources. Reports should incorporate specific terminology and concepts from the text. Incorporate and Highlight terminology and/or concepts by using bold or highlighted text. Format guidelines: Name and assignment title in the top left corner, 1-inch margins, 12 font size in Times New Roman. You may use the works cited page or cite your sources within your report. The length of the report should be between 6 – and 9 pages. Submit your report via Canvas by the due date.
What is the name of the state agency that will regulate the sales of alcoholic beverages? (5 points)
What classification of alcoholic beverage sales license will you be operating under? (5 points)
What are the state or local regulations regarding the following (5 points):
The time of day at which you can begin to sell alcoholic beverages
The time of day at which you must stop selling alcoholic beverages
Sunday alcohol sales
Alcohol sales on holidays
Alcohol sales on election days
4. What are the qualifications or mandatory training requirements for the following (5 points):
Create an outline for a one-hour bartender or server training program for the topic Understanding BAC
(20 points). Indicate these items for this program:
An outline of the content to be taught
The method you will use for teaching
The manner in which you will test trainees for mastery of the topic
A feedback document for use in gaining employee input into how the training program could be improved in the future
A form for use in each employee’s file documenting his or her successful completion of the training program
Recommend at least 10 beers including type and brand. What food menu items would they pair well with? How did you decide on these? (15 Points)
Recommend at least 10 wines including type and label. What food menu items would they pair well with? How did you decide on these? (15 Points)
Provide recommendations for at least 10 cocktail suggestions to be included on the beverage menu.
Please provide a standard recipe for each drink (cite the source that you got the recipe, but do not use the course textbook. Explore other options.) How did you decide on these? (20 Points)
As the operation’s manager, you will need to hire new bartenders. Develop a list of 10 pre-employment questions you think would be most important to ask your prospective bartenders. (10 points)

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