ENC 1102 Assignment: Research Paper Compose a documented research paper on a ma

ENC 1102 Assignment:
Research Paper
Compose a documented research paper on a major literary author you will
like to
examine in-depth. The essay will present your own interpretation, evaluation, and
argument about a literary author and his/her representative work. Use MLA guidelines.
The researh paper will be 5-pages (1500-1750 words) plus a works-cited page.
The student will write a documented research paper by:
• Limiting a topic
• Using library and electronic resources to fulfill research objectives
• Taking notes, paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting sources
• Articulating a thesis that demonstrates a logical connection between research
and argumentative techniques while organizing the text to be congruent with the
subject and purpose of the paper.
Organization and Content:
Major Literary Author
• Short biography
• Influences
• Biographical, cultural, and historical context
• Themes in major works
Representative Work
• Plot summary of major work
• Brief description of major and minor characters
• 3 literary elements (plot, character, setting, point of view, symbolism, theme,
style, tone, and/or irony) will be analyzed with direct references from the work.
Include 5-6 brief passages/quotations from the story/sources – integrated with
your own sentence, properly punctuated, and commented upon as necessary to
show why you cited that particular passage.
The quoted material taken directly
from the text needs to move your interpretation forward and illustrate your points.
• Book: Print and/or Digital (1)
• Academic Journal Article (1)
• Periodical (Magazine/Newspaper) (1)
• Electronic Sources (2

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