Hello writer, I am providing my term paper. The paper is about a company called

Hello writer, I am providing my term paper. The paper is about a company called Rethink Food. there are some things that you can fix or add to the paper. I will also add the direction for the term paper. Please find a little more information on the key things i have for the paper.
discuss what type of leadership could help them be successful. Who do they compete with? What ethical standards do they have? How long will it take to implement your idea? Will it take 2 or 3 years? How much will it cost and where will the money come from?
This assignment requires you to demonstrate your learning and to highlight the
leadership challenges in which you describe how your chosen organization has orchestrated their
leadership and followership culture and applied transactional versus transformation leadership
theory. Emphasis will be on the understanding of the problems, critical evaluation as well as the
ability to clearly communicate proposed solutions. Your final project is your major contribution,
where you will exhibit your learning. For this term paper, you cannot create your own company.
You will write an analysis of the organizational culture, leadership, ethical practices, and the use of
power and political behavior in your chosen company. This will require you to research as much as
you can through the company’s own website, articles written on your company, our textbook, and
scholarly articles about your company. Blogs and ‘Pedias will not be accepted as sources.
In your analysis, discuss the following areas:
• The organizational culture and the unique characteristics of the firm’s work environment.
• Leadership and how the various concepts and leadership models discussed in the text are
utilized in your firm’s CEO and management team
• The organizational design and structure of the firm.
• How the firm manages ethical issues, conflict, and managerial challenges.
• Whether the firm uses either or both the characteristics of transactional and transformational
• Your recommendations for the future of the company. How can key leaders of this firm
improve in the next 2-3 years?
Rather focus on how the company’s organizational climate,
leadership, ethics, leadership development, and overall leadership environment should

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