Progress: in what manner and to what extent are assumptions about progress relev

Progress: in what manner and to what extent are assumptions about progress relevant for politics? How is one’s view of progress tied to one’s view of human nature? How does one’s view of the possibilities for human development provide the basis or foundations for the political system? To what extent do our conceptions of government and what it should do depend on how we answer these questions? What are barriers to progress, and how might they be overcome?
Part I:
Situate this concept within several of the texts we have read or that are located in the textbook.
Explore the questions in your prompt and discuss how the thinkers address or prioritize those concerns. Compare and contrast your thinkers on this topic.
Part II:
Research a current policy, law, or political issue. Be specific (e.g. is there a bill proposed in Congress? is there a current social movement that is mobilized?)
Connect the current debate surrounding this political issue and show how it could be understood within the framework of these philosophical discussions that we have read. How can we understand it in light of these thinkers?
Make an argument about how understanding the foundations of this concept from the texts we have read gives us insight about your research issue today.
Support your argument with claims that help you defend this argument (i.e. direct quotes from the works of those philosophers).

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