“Text” refers to any media content, including but not limited to, movies, TV sho

“Text” refers to any media content, including but not limited to, movies, TV shows, video games, commercials, and so on (But “books” are not recommended). It can be an episode of TV show, or a season, or an entire show. It can be a movie or a collection of movies. It can also be a specific scene within a movie or TV show.
“Critique” refers to the informed analysis of the text. You are engaged in analyzing, for example, how the scenes/shows/movies are produced – is there any economic and political influences? What kind of ideologies, if any, are behind the text? How are certain race/gender/class are represented in the text? How do aesthetic factors such as lighting, color, camera angle impact the message of the text? How do narrative factors such as plot and characters impact the message of the text?
You must utilize one or a combination of the specific methods and perspectives discussed in class. This include,
Narrative analysis
Genre analysis
Psycho analysis
Analysis of race/gender/sexuality/class in media text
Analysis of economic, political, and regulatory forces behind media text
Paper format
It is an informed, critical essay. There is no formal intro-body-conclusion. Think of it as writing a movie review for a newspaper. References are not a must, but if you use them, include them at the en
Please refer to the Sample Papers available in the Uploaded files. These are papers written by students from the previous semesters and will give you a good idea of what your paper should look like.

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