Use this website, to w

Use this website, to write a summary. Summarize it with two or three paragraphs, reread and revise it, then post it to the forum.
Your summary should:
1. Include a link to the post you are summarizing.
2. Explain the main points made by the author of the post.
3. State whether or not you find the argument
persuasive, and why
Grading Rubric
Rubric used to evaluate posts to the discussion board:
0 – No submission
5 – Your summary did not include a link to the original post
6 – Your summary contained your feelings about an issue, not
an analysis of what the author wrote
7 – The post you chose did not address a substantive idea or
your summary did not contain any substantive ideas
8 – The post you chose dealt with substantive ideas but your
summary needs to be written more clearly
9 – Good summary of a blog post containing substantive
10- Excellent summary of a blog post containing substantive

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