You can pick either question, I will Post instructions and questions and you jus

You can pick either question, I will Post instructions and questions and you just let me know which one you want to do and I will attach all the necessary documents.
900-1100 words (counting the body of the paper only). Write a well-reasoned essay in response to ONE of the questions below. Draw from class readings, especially primary documents, and lectures. Don’t “make things up”; your essay must be based on historical evidence. It should also have an overarching thesis and arguments (we can talk about these aspects in class) that you state clearly in the introductory paragraph.
Avoid writing in the first person (that is, do not use “I”). Write assertively and definitively. Support your arguments using evidence from the primary and secondary readings and lectures for this class. Use a variety of readings from this class, both primary and secondary. (Sheriff, Artificial River, is a critical secondary source). DO NOT use materials beyond our class materials.
Where you use evidence from the documents, be sure to cite them in footnotes or endnotes. Cite accurately; do not misidentify the author. You should look at the syllabus for citation formats. (They are not exactly Chicago Manual Style, but will do for this assignment.) Watch a YouTube video or two if you do not understand how to insert source notes. Do not include a Works Cited page.
A. It is the 1830s/ early 1840s. You are an American financial analyst who has been hired by a group of European capitalists to identify potentially rewarding investments in the American economy. Your clients are open to a wide range of opportunities that would yield short-term as well as long-term profits, but they do not yet know much about American society.
Write your report for your clients, explaining to them various ways they might make money as investors in America. As a responsible analyst, you particularly need to alert your clients to the wider context of investments. Let them know how conflicts within American society (for example, over the role of the state, capitalism, morality, consumerism, slavery, banking, reform, etc.) might affect their returns.
Hint: Capture some of the diversity of economic changes we have looked at, and offer concrete discussions and examples. Just saying, “invest in canals,” for example, does not help your investors much at all. And since you want depth to your insights, be sure to focus on some, though not necessarily all, areas of conflict or controversy.
B. It is the late 1820s/ 1830s. You are a member of a Scottish radical group attempting to build an international labor organization (i.e., a union). Your assignment is America. You are responsible for defining a strategy. Consider various workers in American society (for example, women, journeymen and/or master craftsmen, unskilled laborers, outworkers, etc.). Which groups are most likely to be interested in your message? What will that message be, and what arguments will you use to convince each group? How are you going to organize and unify them? Justify to your comrades why efforts among some groups would likely prove fruitless, while others offer potential gains. Find reasons in American beliefs about republicanism and/or democracy, capitalism and the distribution of its benefits, notions of independence, and the realities of wealth in America, morality, work, etc. to justify your strategy.
Hint: Discuss specific groups within the suggested groups, where evidence allows. Your preparation should enable you to say something directly about shipyard workers, for example, rather than merely generalizing about laborers or craftsmen. Similarly, you can talk about specific types of factory workers rather than “workers” generally. Sure, you can extrapolate—generalize from the specific case—but be sure to show us the depth of your knowledge by using clear examples.
Your paper should be a minimum of 900 and a maximum of 1100 words (no more than 4 pages text with 1.25 margins, if using endnotes). Double-space the text. Use 1.25-inch left and right margins (the default in Word). Use 12-point font. STAPLE the paper. Do not use a cover sheet. Put your name at the top of the first page. You are welcome to add a header or footer with your name (and date) as well. You may title the essay if you want. Double-sided printing is fine. Do not reproduce the question. Number your pages. Do NOT use in-text citations, but DO cite your sources (see below). It does matter that the paper conforms to these instructions.
While form and presentation (as above) matter, your paper will principally be evaluated on the basis of content (including fulfillment of the assignment/ attention to the question asked, development of argument, use of evidence, balance of argument and detail, development of ideas, and creativity). Clarity, organization, logic, succinctness, spelling, and grammar all count.
Quotations should be used very sparingly. Limit quotations to no more than a phrase here and there, and not whole sentences. This is a technique that takes a little work and editing.
Cite the source of any quotation and specific piece of evidence. Your note citations do not need to conform exactly to Chicago Manual style, and you may use abbreviations, but you must follow two rules: 1) the reader must be able to find the cited material immediately, and 2) the format must be consistent.
Proofread your paper. Read it aloud to catch confusing sentences. Review noun/ pronoun agreement.

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