This is a research paper about the Highway of Tears, a stretch of highway in Can

This is a research paper about the Highway of Tears, a stretch of highway in Canada where several Native American women have gone missing or been murdered. The goal is to write about the Highway of Tears but essentially use it as a case study to reflect what Native American women in the United States are facing. You can bring up MMIW which showcases many missing/murdered indigenous women and shows how violence against native women has been prominent throughout our country for decades. Throughout the paper, I need to make sure I am referencing the United States and explaining how this occurrence in Canada is reflective of our situation in the United States. I already have a rough draft done. I don’t care if you use it or not, but they key points must be the same because it has already been approved by my professor. It may just be easier for you to start from scratch while still using my thesis. There are several sources listed at the bottom, but I am having a hard time finding at least one primary and two secondary peer-reviewed sources for this topic. I have not cited the sources in the paper. I basically just need someome to edit/reword existing information, finishing writing out the rest of the paper, and add more scholarly information.
Below are quotations from my professor:
“Your final draft should be typed and double-spaced, in 12-point font (Times New Roman) with 1-inch margins. This paper will be
graded on the strength of your thesis and interpretations, supporting evidence, proper citations, grammatical precision, stylistic poise,
and quality as a historical informational and analytical text. Be sure to cite the sources in your text for all the information that you
acquire through research and reading. Use MLA style citations or Chicago-Turabian style footnotes/endnotes. Include a
Bibliography/Works Cited in MLA or Chicago-Turabian format (which is not counted towards the minimum word count of writing).”
“In your research, focus on a combination of at least one primary and at least two secondary peer-reviewed sources to construct a thesis (or feature main points) about the significance and influence of Native American women in history. Emphasize and analyze the significance of
specific historical cases that could be related to representations of Native American women in history and relevant to the historical
society/organization/museum/institution that you envision sharing your work with by the end of the semester.”

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