This is what is listed on the syllabus: Pilot study (75 points). You will conduc

This is what is listed on the syllabus:
Pilot study (75 points). You will conduct an informal test of your research hypothesis with real students.
The pilot study may be action research, a quasi-experiment, or a tryout of materials or assessments for your
research design.
Research design (75 points). From your review of the research, you will design an original experimental or
quasi-experimental study to answer an unanswered question growing from your review of literature. There
is a detailed checklist to guide your writing posted on Canvas. You will present your review of literature
and research design in a term paper and in a research presentation to the class. For 20 additional points, you
will present a 15-20-minute narrated PowerPoint to explain your design in a live virtual poster session ( This is the Powerpoint you just completed).
The checlist rubric is below.
I have added an example of the experimental design, titled ” Geri’sDesign”
I have added the goal of the pilot study.
I did one a while back I think this is sort of what they are looking for, but follow the checklist instead.
I also have already had the articles done. I have added my review of the research.
If you need any help let me know! I think I will have to come up with an activity to use. I am thinking about doing something like this that my proffessor sugested:
You could identify a promising set of multicultural books, randomly assign students to read this set (maybe self-selected books from the set) and other students to read from a set of non-multicultural Americana books. You might have literature discussion groups to motivate reading and reflection. Pretest and posttest both groups for their attitudes toward reading or toward diverse groups, their reading fluency in words per minute with comprehension, their vocabulary (using a selected group of words from both book sets), voluntary reading as measured in AR points, and their world knowledge of the people and geography featured in the multicultural books.

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