Use this questionnaire as a guide, but you are not limited to these questions. B

Use this questionnaire as a guide, but you are not limited to these questions.
Describe your belief in the Higher Power/Creator?
Daily Practices
What are your daily religious practices?
Dying & Death
How does your religion prepare persons for dying?
What does the religion do for the dead?
What are your beliefs about death?
Facilitating Religious Practices
Where do your church members pray?
What icons do you worship?
What signs do church members make before praying?
What are the fasting practices of your religion?
What foods and drinks are you allowed?
How do church members maintain health?
Do you believe in a Divine Healer?
Holy Days & Festivals
What are the names of Holy Days & Festivals?
What are the dates of these Holy Days & Festivals?
Pregnancy & Birth
When are babies baptized?
Rituals or Ceremonies
What are used: chants, hymns, incense, and standing during liturgy?
What is the focus of the liturgy: Blessing & receiving Holy Communion, Prayers,?
Spiritual Instruments, Symbols & Structure
Are there symbols, statutes, cross in the church?
How many members worldwide?
Who is the head of the church?
What is the role of women in the church?
Church folks enjoy sharing stories about their religion,. Ask your family or friends to recommend a church service to you.
• Write a Journal Report of 500 – 800 words on your experience
• I encourage you to go far outside your religion. So, if you are a Protestant (e.g., Baptist), don’t interview another Protestant Church (e.g., Lutheran).

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