Learning Outcomes: This project is intended to further your food and cultural kn

Learning Outcomes:
This project is intended to further your food and cultural knowledge of a culture or nation, including an understanding of the historical and cultural developments that led to the diet of a specific culture. You may choose to research a culture unfamiliar to you or you may research your own culture.
Use the textbook and at least 2 additional scientific research-based resources (journal articles or books from databases, such as, PubMed or Google Scholar).
Information to thoroughly cover:
Cultural Perspective of the Ethnic Group
Location and relevant history
Religion and family structure
Traditional health practices
Traditional Food Habits
Ingredients and common foods
Meal composition and cycles
Role of food in society and special occasions
Therapeutic uses of food
Contemporary Food Habits in the U.S.
Adaptation of Food Habits
How has this culture adapted their traditional practices to U.S. customs (if at all)?
Nutritional Status of the cultural group as a whole
Influence of the Group on the U.S. Diet
How has their culture influenced American dietary practices (if at all)?
Create a video presentation to be submitted via WebCampus/Canvas (using the recording feature Panopto Recordingtab to the left) that addresses each of the content areas. (I will be the only one viewing this video). The video presentation may be a PowerPoint presentation with you talking over it (which you will upload, record and edit through Panopto), or it may be an actual video of you demonstrating the recipe (again, through Panopto) {recipe may already be prepared to save time in your video, but go through the steps used} and talking about the culture that dish comes from, which should include the points listed above.
As part of the presentation you are asked to select 1 recipe that includes a traditional food item and prepare it, or at least discuss how it should be prepared. You can provide still pictures here as well to lend to your overall description or you can film yourself making it. Please note that using OTHER YOUTUBE VIDEOS to show how to prepare your recipe will result in 0 points for that portion. YOU must be the one to either prepare it or discuss the process. And physically preparing it yourself on camera is NOT a requirement, but an option. You are also not required to spend any money to fulfill this portion of the assignment.
Creative and sensory appeal is encouraged in the video (cooking utensils, samples of music from the area, spices used in traditional recipes). Get creative!
Be sure the presentation includes
-Coverage of Cultural Perspective
-Coverage of Traditional Food Habits
-Coverage of Contemporary Food Habits
-Sensory Aids (visual/sound/graphics/photos)
– 1 Recipe Demonstration OR Explanation
– 3+ References that should be included on the last frame/slide of your video using APA formatting/guidelines

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