Module 11 Written Assignment – Case Study: Planning and Pre-work Instructions An

Module 11 Written Assignment – Case Study: Planning and Pre-work
Any intervention involves change management. Change can be very threatening to employees. as they tend to experience change as loss of control, and this triggers anxiety. They may fear a decline in status or that their job may become less satisfying. Further, in this stressful, anxiety laden situation, conflict is almost inevitable.
For this paper, outline your recommendations to reduce or prevent the stress of change from escalating into more dysfunctional behavior and project derailment. Your paper will have three sections:
A communication plan,
An outline of the steps of the project, from current to future state,
Additional project elements that may be helpful to make the change smooth and as stress-free as possible.
Justify your choices with references, and cite them. You may use the familiar case study for context or you may provide your own context.
Familiar Case Study
Promises made by sales reps need to be fulfilled by operations personnel. To get the sale, sales reps have been making promises that stress the fulfillment process. Sales reps receive a base salary and a commission for each sale. Many of the operations employees are unionized. If they have to work extra hours for rush jobs they get overtime pay that eats away most of the profit.
The sales reps complain that the operations people work slowly to get overtime. The operations employees complain that the sales reps don’t understand the business they represent and are lying to customers. Your client does not want to just implement a bunch of rules and ignore all the bad feelings. She would like the employees in her product division to work more harmoniously.
Paper Requirements
Length: 1000 words maximum
Double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins
APA Format

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